Sunday, 12 April 2015

Election fun at the farm!

Forget Yougov and all the other pollsters, the only one that matters is our own NATIONAL OPIGION POLL. 
Whose bacon will you save and who will get the chop? Register your vote for:

Piggeral Democrat
Greeny Pig
Too Disgruntled to Vote.

Watch the results reflected in our official Swine-ometer.

Voting so far showed an early surge for UPIG with Laboar and Piggeral Democrats doing very badly, Conservapig holding their own and Greeny pigs making a respectable showing.  Latterly UPIG have faded somewhat with the Too Disgruntled party picking up support.

Though only a bit of fun the results at the 2010 election were surprisingly accurate.

Sow hurry on down to the shop; sty long enough not to be boared; don't create any litter or feel gilty or even hog the ballot box; but register your vote and watch the swine-ometer!

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