Sunday, 7 September 2014

New Horsegate Possible?

Interesting article in The Times on Friday 5 Sept 2014:

The headline reads:
Shop price wars risk another horsemeat scandal

It quotes a government report about the scandal and warned that the supermarkets' constant drive to drive down costs increased the risk of fraud.  Their policy of "adversarial procurement" had worsened since the scandal and the report quotes results of tests by Leicester City Council which found 54 out of 104 samples with above 1% contamination with other species.

The report was commisioned by Defra and highlights the importance of knowing where your food comes from. 

The best advice is "Buy from the farm, you know where it's from"!

If you haven't watched it already click on our horsemeat video on the website or see it on youtube, Essington Fruit Farm Say Neigh to Horsemeat.

Also in the same newspaper is a story about potassium helping to reduce the risk of strokes.  The study found that overall those who ate most ptassium were 12% less likely to suffer a stroke.  Potassium is found in bananas, potatoes, meat and yoghurt.
Professor Wassertheil-Smoller said "Everyone could benefit from eating more fruit and vegetables but potassium is also found in yoghurt and unprocessed meat".

The message seems to be buy good quality, fresh produce and meat from trustworthy sources.  We couldn't agree more!

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